Want to Ensure You Are Not Wasting Money Drilling for Water?

How a Water Well Drilling Contractor Works

It’s true that people living in urban areas or small towns never think about how country folk receive their water supply. For those who are not hooked up to the municipal water supply, the only choice is drilling a well. Water well drilling basically means boring a hole and pounding pipes into the ground until the water is reached. There are thousands of people worldwide that still dig wells using a shovel; however, for the most part, modern well drilling methods have made this job much more easy.

Water drilling can be accomplished in various ways. The simplest is a driven well – this means pounding a length of pipe into the soil until one reaches water. This pipe will be threaded and have a cap over the top in order to protect the threads from a sledgehammer. The other side of the pipe will be covered with a screen – this will prevent dirt and debris from getting into it. When the pipe is driven into the ground, the cap will be taken off, another piece of pipe screwed on, and the cap will then be replaced on that end, and so on, and so forth.

Fortunately, water well drilling is done using high-power drills, which are mounted onto a truck. Rotary drills have large auger-like ends, made from materials which are stronger than the rocks they need to get through. The most common drill is made from tungsten. A fluid referred to as drilling mud, will be shot through, forcing debris to rise to the surface and creating a clean hole. When water is eventually reached by the drilling contractor, both the drill and pipes will be removed, and a casing will be placed into the hole.

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